MAR 05 2017

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Dec 25 2016

Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday [FINAL]

Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday [FINAL]

Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday [FINAL]|441.5 MB

The years darkest day is upon us Black Friday is coming and shopping centres everywhere are preparing for stampedes gouging and petty vandalism all in the name of hot bargains But are you prepared No Probably not But dont worry Christmas Shopper Simulator 2 Black Friday is here We can train you whoever you are Unless you dont have a computer the correct operating systems or any gaming ability Then youre on your own Sharpen your elbows and your Black Friday bargain grasping skills as youre let loose in our nearly improved mall Laboriously work through dozens of missions and challenges Long past the point that youre deriving any pleasure from it Unlock awesome achievements as you perfect the art of rampant aggressive consumerism Keep an eye out for the random Black Friday stampedes Points Presents A genuinely unsettling sense of panic Its 2015s hottest commercialholidayandqueuebased simulator and its jam packedishcolor]

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